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Competition Team


Family Taekwondo School Competition Team is to the most committed students of Taekwondo. This program is very demanding and difficult to become a member and stay a member. The Competition Team was designed for Family Taekwondo School students who are fully committed to the Program and to their own success in sport of Olympic Taekwondo. The Competition Team demands proven skill, sacrifice, demonstrated perseverance, unwavering commitment, heart, faith, and an iron will.

This page is designed for you to understand the qualifications and requirements to be a member of Family Taekwondo School competition Team, your obligations to this team and the optimization of your performance. These requirements are not intended to prohibit, restrict or confine, but rather to give you a perspective of the Competition Team and to provide structure and organization so that you can perform at the highest level.

The most underrated fact about success at the National level, either Junior or Senior is that the entire family must be on the same page concerning the requirements of each member of the Team. The success of the Competition Team member is ultimately founded on the support of the parents in every aspect of the Program, and with the faithful execution of all instructions given by the Coach. It should be no surprise that family sacrifices must be made in all areas, especially in financial support. As a family, you must decide how much value and worth this special opportunity has for you and your family.

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