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Non-Profit 501 C (3) Organization
Opening doors of opportunity for children with special needs in our Olympic sports,
A dream come true.

Our team

This corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, more specifically, to use the sport of Tae Kwon Do to provide children with special needs (such as Down syndrome) with opportunities to overcome develop mental and physical challenges. This will be done in an environment where they can develop, thrive, learn, and strengthen their relationship with their parents, relatives, other children, and educators. The skills learned will help the children build positive relationships that will equip them with self-confidence.

This foundation is for all kids with special needs who want to learn this Korean Olympic Traditional Martial Arts you are welcome.

Spirit of champion

Each year young athletes from our foundation train so hard and for so many hours in order to qualify for the Annual AAU National Taekwondo and the International Martial Arts Festival Championships.

These events mean so much to them, help them to become better athletes .

Last year 2015 our team participated in the National Championship with 10 students winning 6 gold medals, two silver and two bronze a great result for our Foundation this year 2016 our team of 20 members twice last year.

All funds raised by your donations will help cover as well as the registration fee for the events mentioned above and to cover the cost of their National Taekwondo Uniform 2016.

Our date limited to register and make them active members of the Federation and give them uniforms for the national is on Friday, April 1st.Please help our athletes succeed on these important events and make their dream come true!


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