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Our school offer elite level training to studentd of all ages interested in this aspect of Taekwondo. Training with F.T.S and representing he school in multiple competitions are unice experiences that help develop self-confidence, goodsportmanship, and team spirit.F.T.S Has produced some of the nation's top fighters in every category Junior( 6-17 years old),Senior (17-32 years old) and executive senior (32 and up).Master Vicente have extremely experienced in teaching competition techniques and strategy. We strive to help each student reach his/her full potential.

8 Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Kids Into Martial Arts Classes

Family Taekwondo School has sometimes been misunderstood to be a dangerous sport. This is the reason why many parents tend to do away with the thought of enrolling their kids to nearby Taekwondo classes. However, you will be surprised on how beneficial this activity is for your children. Not only in the physical skills and safety awareness they will learn, but in the broader life skills that are fundamental to master for a successful life. See below the top 8 reasons why enrolling your kids at nearby martial arts classes is a good idea:

1. Your child will WANT to have an active lifestyle.

One of the most alarming problems  faces today is obesity from a sedentary lifestyle. And this phenomenon is more prevalent among kids ages 3-12. Nowadays, kids rarely move around because they would rather spend their free time playing computer games or using their iPads. Put a stop to this phenomenon by enrolling your children in a kids martial arts studio anywhere in Florida. Not only will your child start to have an active and healthy lifestyle but martial arts will eventually improve his or her overall physique. They will have such fun, that they won’t realize they are actually exercising.

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2. The sport promotes self-discipline.

I'm a In today’s society of instant gratification, no-money down, buy it now. Most children are not equipped with the skills of delayed gratification. And no matter how you, as a parent, stress to your child on how important self-discipline is, your kid will barely hear you. He or she would rather insist on getting everything instantly. With Taekwondo training, however, your child will learn patience and self-discipline as these are always reiterated during Taekwondo classes.

3. Martial arts is the best way to teach your child how important it is to move on after failing.

Failures are part of life. At some point, you will fail; your kids will fail. It is inevitable. As Robert Kiyosaki said “Failure is a part of the process of success”. However, in society, it is very hard to teach children that failure occurs, when today’s society seems to think that every child should win a prize. Because of this, many kids grow up with low self-esteem from failures they encountered in their childhood. Yet studies show that those kids who went through martial arts training tend to easily move on from failures. This is because Taekwondo artists are taught not only how to protect themselves by striking, but also that they could get hit themselves. Accepting that sooner or later they will get hit, children find it easier to know that although it may hurt, it won’t come as a shock, and they will then find it easier to move on and never surrender. A good kids Taekwondo program will teach your child ‘how to lose, and get back up & re-set their focus’ and ‘how to win, humbly’. At Focus Taekwondo this is taught in every single martial arts class.

4. Martial arts teaches your child to not only ‘Set Goals’, but to ‘Get Goals’.

Unlike other sports, martial arts motivates kids to reach a higher goal by earning their desired coloured belts, on their journey to black belt. Your child will no longer just settle for less, but will be more determined to set a goal and take action to achieve the goal of getting the next level coloured belt.

5. Your child will become more respectful.

The media excels in feeding negative traits to our children. For instance, videos of child celebrities defying authorities are blasted over TV and the Internet. Because of this, a lot of kids are learning that being disrespectful to adults and authority figures is “cool”. Yet with the best martial arts classes, respect is taught and learnt by your child, as they will constantly

be trained in respecting others.

6. Your child will learn non-violent conflict resolution.

Unlike what movies and TV shows depict, Taekwondo classes teach kids that not everything can be solved through violence. In fact, all karate instructors emphasize how important it is to avoid violent interactions outside their martial arts studio. Although your kids will be equipped with the adequate defence techniques, he or she will be able to know when these skills are to be used and when they are to be avoided.

7. Taekwondo classes improve your child’s self-awareness.

Not only does Taekwondo teach physical self defense skills, but it also makes its learner aware of his or her inside world. And by inside world, I am pertaining to the student’s body and mind. A Taekwondo artist is taught to focus and control their body & mind as this will enable them to respond properly to external stimuli.

8. Kids who are martial artists are more sociable than others.

Socializing with other people is a skill best learned when you are young. And what better way to learn this skill than through martial arts. In Taekwondo, kids are exposed to a surrounding filled with other youngsters who have a common interest. This makes it easier for kids to socialize. Furthermore, they will be exposed to different forms of martial arts like karate lessons for kids and taekwondo for kids, for example, wherein kids will be forced to find a partner to train with.

If after having read these benefits, you are interested in finding out first hand how Taekwondo can truly benefit your child, it may be wise to visit a Taekwondos studio nearby to get a firsthand idea on how this sport really works. The Focus Taekwondos Brisbane team in Mansfield would be happy to assist you in finding a martial arts instructor that specializes in kids martial arts, karate classes for kids or taekwondo training for kids. You may even end up concluding that martial arts is the perfect activity for your child.

Our school rules

 There are certain rules that need to be followed to show respect to other practitioners and to the martial arts.

 They vary between schools but many have similar rules and guidelines.

  • When entering or leaving the dojang, students should bow to the flag and your instructors.

  • Students should always bow to their instructors before speaking to them and address them with respectful words such as "Yes Sir" or "No Sir"

  • Advanced students need to show a good example to junior belts

  • Students should respect senior and junior belts regardless of age or gender

  • No chewing gum or eating food

  • You should cut your finger nails and toe nails short to prevent injuries to yourself and to your partners

  • Avoid excess loud conversations or noise

  • No fooling around because it may cause injury and show a bad example to others

  • No bullying other students or abusing your advanced rankings, show courtesy and integrity

  • Your dobok (uniform) must be clean

  • Watch your personel hygiene

  • Show modesty, do not show off your belt ranking or techniques outside of the school

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